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Delay In Delivery

Hi i buy Corsair 4gb * 2 Ram order on 3rd August and it will be delievered by 8 of August . But till now (10-aug-2015) . i didnt get any message but in my flipkart account it has cancel automatic without my knowledge . after sending message your was cancelled . Again they said order will delievered i dont know what happen . Seller :dello Dear Flipkart i deep trust with you . its cheated i need product but i dont pay for that . delay or mistake in ur deliver is ur mistake ask or scold ur courier partner if i didnt get response i post in PGPORTAL


Jet Airways

No ticket confirmation

I had booked an jet airways air ticket for my spouse Primal Nathalia menezes for travel date 26 sept 2015 DXB-IXE one way. The booking/transaction was done on 12 july 2015 around 19.00hrs. online using master card from dubai. The amount AED 755 got deducted without any booking reference nor confirmation. Plz assist



Front Camera not working

First product of XIAOMI and bad taste. I bought 4iMi phone just 8-10 days back and within 2days front camera went faulty . The image coming is very blurred. This is my first purchase of XIAOMI product and the experince has been really very bad. Making it more worse now handset is kept by service center and repair time is 8-10 days. What is this ? Are you not aware this is smart phone . Why would have i invested in this ? All my offical work which i use to carryout while travelling or from home is stuck . I should have been provided a new handset immediately. Here the fault is not mine but that of XIAOMI who is compromising on product quality. I am requesting you to plesae share mail id's of top bosses of Xioami to esclate my problem . Else i have no way except to tell friends not to go ahead for purchasing any product from XIAOMI. Expecting postive reply from your end. Regards, Mukul [email protected]


Google Nexus 6

Defective device twice

I bought the most expensive phone of Google Nexus 6 in Feb 2015, after using for 1 month faced several issue, i gone to customer care and did my phone replaced which came back after a 22 days. now my new device is again facing the same problems. i want my money back and also compensation of the problems that i faced



Issue of mts customer care

I have requested to port my no 9610075392 in mts. After process of 7 days i have received an sms form mts to welcome in mts to verify the ID. But my sim card is not working. And i m not able to call customer services or 999 to verify. After that i have visit mts store the suggest me to go mts head office at jodhpur but they are not giving me properly answer or responding properly and i have gone there 3 to 4 times but my mobile no is not started yet. My contact no is 9413134466


Product not received

I ordered shoes in April 2014 from Whakky site they take around two months to order one product then they parcel it in June when I'm not there to received that parcel. My order id is HYDWOL6004549 didn't received yet and no response from them. I called and mail them many times but they didn't respond, I am worried about it because I pay them online through a card. I saw so many complaints about them online. I hope you take an action as soon as possible.


Supertech Limited

Not getting NOC after signing settlement letter

I am sandeep gaur, My flat is in Supertech eco-village 1, I have signed my settlement letter on 8th June with Deepak Vohra, They told me that after 15 days they will send me mail regarding other documents and than finishing work will be started in my flat. After sending mails at email id provided by customer care([email protected]) I didnt got reply. I went to supertech office after 1 month crm team gave asked me to wait for 10 days and gave me number of Alok Khanna, deepak vohra, chandan raj. After that I tried to call them but no one pick up calls, I sent emails to all of them and crm also, but no reply again. After that I visited supertech office again now they asked me to wait for 10 more days and gave me email and extensions of Guneet, pooja diwakar, reena, rohit kumar. I am calling and sending mails no one giving me the status. Each time they told me it is in accounts but they are not telling me why it is stuck in accounts


Dm Converters

Cheating / Fraud / Manupulated Error Report

DM Convertors is a Fraud company. Thay are extracting work from people and evading payments by showing manupulate derror reports. There is no proof of errors being provided. They are just extracting work and cheating innocent people by not making prompt payments. I am planning to file a suit against DM Convertors. If any one else has details of your complaint, please send it to my e-mail id [email protected] These people should be taught lessen. I read all the reviews, not a single person mentioned that they got money... Hence please don't fall in their trap. They are cheating people. You will loose your time effort and money as well... Be careful...



Mobile tower in residential complex

Esteemed Sir With due respect that we are the Residents of A and B blocks Jangpura-b, , DELHI-110014 Our neighbour Mr.M.S DHIR R/O A BLOCK AND DEEPAK BHAMBRI resident of B-10 jangpura-B -has installed MOBILE TOWERs on their roof top. The said Building not only is situated in a densely populated residential area, We suppose According to the Mcd Guidlines no tower can be erected in residential areas . Also as we all know that It Causes very harmful effects on humans living nearby and on the guidelines of Hon’ble Delhi High Court Towers are not allowed at residential areas, It creates many diseases like Cancer, and also affected the infant old people and specially for pregnant women. It’s Radiation is very harmful for all. Some people have already being detected with diseases like Cancer and TB in the region. So please Sir will take appropriate action and remove it as early as possible. Thanking you - You’re truly. Residents A AND B BLOCK JANGPURA-B, NEW DELHI 14


Varun Hospital

Hospital negligence

Varun hospital is the worst hospital in aligarh. They don’t take care of their patients. I have lost my sister because of their medical negligence. Dr. Mani bhargav is the director of this hospital, who knows how to pick money from patient pocket. They don’t have humanity, they are only the vulture who knows to drink blood of patients. They cheat Patients and provide them wrong medicines. I have admitted my sister in the hospital when she was 8 months pregnant and complained for some pain in stomach. They have analyses her past report in which she is fit. They have told us that she is fine and they have to do surgery. In the evening, Dr. Dipti who belongs from narora, bulandshahr and Dr. Mani Bhargav both has operated her and my family blessed with healthy twins baby boy. They told us that my sister is also alright. We also met with my sister when they shifted her in the ward and she told us that she is alright. After shifting in the ward only two times doctor visited in the whole night to examine her. After 11 hours in the morning, suddenly she complained for stomach pain and problem in breathing. When we have asked to the doctor, they told us that you don’t have to be worried it is normal complaint by all patients after surgery. They have injected her some medicine after 30 minutes my sister became unconscious. They shifted her in the ICU to diagnose and after 1 hour dr. Mani told us that constantly her blood pressure got declined. My father asked them to shift my sister in other hospital but they told us that we will cure her. We have asked them several times to refer my sister in other hospital but every time they reply that she will be alright. Later at 10 pm, Dr. mani declared her dead, She told us that this type of cases happens rarely with one in thousand patients. Dr. mani told us that she got heart stork due to blood became very thick. They also don’t take care of my nephews there, when my whole family are in immeasurable shock. When we came hospital after my sister funeral, they told us that my both nephews is suffering from acute pneumonia. Then I have shifted my both nephews in the pushpanjali hospital, vaishali, where Doctors told us that varun hospitals don’t take proper care of them. My whole family have to suffer from very much difficult time period just because of their negligence during treatment. This hospital past record is very poor and daily several cases failed due to their vulture nature. I have shared all this so that everyone became aware from this hospital. AMIT KUMAR SINGH PLEASE JOIN PAGE ON FACEBOOK TO AWARE MORE PEOPLE FROM HOSPITAL’S NEGLIGENCE….. “UNITE TO SAVE WE”


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