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Loss of money

recharged for ₹199 I got 1gb 2g, I bought a new Lumia phone I got 500mb 3g for two months when my first 500mb finished they cut my 1gb 2g data . I lost my ₹199 & so I spoke to customer care people 5-6 times all the time they ignored. I just need my money or data back.


Unique enterprises

Week airtel gsm signal

weak signals - Airtel I have this airtel connection ***********. The signals are very weak in my office. I complained for it several times, assurance was given to me, but till now there is no reply from customer care of airtel. My staff in office having airtel connection are facing the same problem. Pay urgent attention to my problem, since in office I am virtually cut-off from other people. Vishal Jian (alternate phone no. 011-23682353) Date : 22-7-2015



Refund of money

Dear Sir, My Order No. was 100927266 . I Purchased a saree worth rs.550. But I'm Unhappy with the Fabric quality . So I wanted to get cash back which i have been Paid on delivery. Please take this action as soon as Possible.Thank You



Mistake in challan form

Sir, i am studying in sant kanwar ram school dabra in second semester. my exams form started filling from 10 june and i went to fill exam form challan on 13 at mahavir mponline centre. he took money and provided me a recipt which i attached in form and sent to university. my exams were started from 11 july. on 10 i was called from college. and told my exam form is rejected because my challan payment is not done. i went to mponline centre back but he denied to even know me. i felt so cheated my whole year is goint to be wasted. pleasetell me what can i do now


Agarwal Packers & Movers

Vehicle/household stuff missing from 12 days : GC : 4455683

This is my last and only resort to get the information from this company I have ever dealt with in my life. Hats off to you guys. This is my last experience with you ! On this negative note, let me try to narrate my story to the deaf and dumb team of yours. 1. Vehicle started on 18th July (Noida to Bangalore) 2. Tracking team under not so able leadership of Reddy Saheb kept saying that vehicle will reach on 25th July. 3. Called him on 24th, given sure shot guarantee that will reach my apartment on 25th July morning in Bangalore 4. On 25th July afternoon, after 100s of calls, I was told in afternoon that vehicle has met with accident and is impounded by the police. 5. It was told that vehicle will be released on Monday, 27th July. Nice story !! 6. With Monday and Tuesday gone, no sign of vehicle being released I was told another rosy story. Transshipment will happen on Tuesday, 28th July. 7. Meanwhile I was given no. of Mr. Jitendra (VP of some department) ***********. He is the most customer non-centric person who doesn't have courtesy to pick-up calls. 8. But poor customer, he has no option but try again and again. Finally was told by him that vehicle has left on Tuesday, 28th July. 9. Another great story, Now came Wednesday, 29th July and I was told by tracking team that vehicle has not left.I feel bad for the VP who has not updates from hims own team. 10. On Wednesday, 29 July I was given no. of another great personality Vijay Choudhary, ***********. 11. Talked to him yesterday, no transshipment will happen and same vehicle will move which is a different story. As per him vehicle will released on Thursday, 30 July. After repeated follow-ups no information on the vehicle being released. 12. In the meantime, our able Reddy Saheb's team has updated that transshipment has happened and vehicle has started ! 13. Someone should connect Mr. Reddy and Vijay. They don't seem to be total out of sync. Now I need the answer to following questions 1. What is the ACTUAL status of



VAS Service Automaticly started

am using Vodafone corporate plan. we are using more than 10 postpaid connections where i found that I am being charged for VAS charges every month for each number that costs up to 105/- per month. when i approached to customer care, they told me it is because i clicked on the ads those are flashing on the phone app which i have never done. Its a cheating and TRAI should look in to it. i will write a mail to TRAI also so that this kind of fraud should not be happen again . Mo- ***********



Call Drop, Signal Problem, Poor Voice Quality and Reliability

We have 2 Post Paid numbers and live at BTM 2nd Stage (near KAS Officers Colony at Lake View Road). For the past 3 to 4 months there is lot of issues with respect to signal coverage, signal strength and call drop. We did not had this issues earlier. We recently only we are facing this. Most of the times the call does not connect, it takes more time and even if it connects the audio quality is very poor. we are hearing what the other person talks and what we speak does not reach other person. We need to end to call and make several calls to speak to communicate. *********** ***********



Unauthorized Credit charges

This is to inform you that i was holding a credit card of hdfc bank from february 2015. At the time of taking card they have informed me that there are no hidden charges but if you don't pay within a period you have to pay intrest But on march only they have send me a credit card bill by charging finance charges over due charges late fee charges and all and when i complained they said they cant do anything regarding this. So i said i cant pay ungenuine charges they said me you have to pay the charges. so after some months they said you may do settlement so i done the settlement. But i was not at fault anywhere so i want my civil score should not be degraded. its a reques from my side but if you degrade just by hearing hdfc banks so it would be highly injustice for me.



Service center says phone model itself is not repairable

Hi, My father has Sony Xepria ZR handset. Yesterday the deivce fell from a small half feet tall table, because of which the speaker broke ( cannot listen to the person on other side of the call). We went to a Sony service center today and they said that this model is not repairable. They also said that we can go for another option in which we have to pay 400 INR and than Sony will give us another handset ( the handset type was not mentioned). So, if we accept the offer and take the other handset than it's fine or else we will lose those 400 INR. I have three questions here - 1. How can a mobile be not repairable ? Every electronic device is repairable. I work in mobile industry and I have been using sony and many other companies handsets both personally and professionally and till date I haven't seen a single device/model which CANNOT be repaired. And sony making such a device is totally unacceptable. 2. From when did Sony started giving such kind of offers? pay NON-REFUNDABLE 400 INR and customer gets a handset (model unknown) and if customer says no to the handset than those 400 INR are gone. Is this really Sony or are those service center guys making fool out of customers? I really need answers for these questions as this scheme seems to be fishy to me. Thank you, Samarth Shroff



Complaint not addressed till today

My washing machine is in warranty and having some problem. I booked a complained on dt. 11th July, 2015 but till to no one is visited my place to repair the same. Several times I ring up in your Bhubaneswar number(0674-2341111) but they are very unprofessional people and not deal the matter properly. Today they give another cell no- *********** buy she is also not able to deal the matter. Let me tell what may be the next step. Will I go to the Consumer court or is their any other option?


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