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Neglegence of duty

I bought a lenovo laptop 1 month back and availed BTC Offer(ticket no. Btc45381) for which i should have got 2 year extended warranty and a 1 TB hard disk. I have received the warranty extension mail but no sign of hard disk till now. I tried to connect to the lenovo btc offer service desk. I called them 100 times out which 5 times ranged but no one received the call. Rest all of the time it said busy line. I mailed them around 10 times but got no reply at all



Amount Refund

Hi Team, I am following up this issue from 17-10-14 onward still problem has not been resolved. i tried to contact through email 5 followup email follow up from my end the response from your side is only you have requested for the time but issue not resolved. I followed up throw flipkart customer service even they failed to give proper update just booking a issue but no response. So this is the final statement which i was sending i dont want to send again statement please dont ask for the same like updated because the banker is denying so for every statement i am paying 100/- for updated one. I contacted bank manager the issue is from your end so i dont want to roam here and there i made payment for flipkart so you people need to resolve and please let me know can you people resolve this issue or not or can you let me know the procedure to book a case in consumer court against flipkart. I cannot wait much more please refund my amount ASAP. FYR order id OD*********** reference number 150512-002810


Paritosh Tyagi

Non-availability of 3G service

My Airtel 3G connection number is ***********. I have been out of the country from 09 July to 09 Aug 2015. Earlier, the 3G service was available for a reasonable part of the day. Since my return, in the last three days, no service or at best the 'E' level service has been available and 3G service has not been available at all. I live in Sector 15-A, Noida. I find that the Airtel mobile *********** can be used only if I come out to the balcony. At least the service is available but needs improvement. However, as regards 3G service mentioned above, I would like that you have it improved immediately. Unless it is improved and I confirm that I am satisfied, please treat this letter as a request to terminate this service with effect from the forthcoming end of the month which is about 10 days away. Kindly treat the request as urgent



Hotel Bookings

I had booked hotel via Expedia portal ..which got confirm and I had recieved a email that your booking is confirmed and no need to call us or reply My shock I received call from the Hotel I booked that the booking has been cancelled. BIt Expedia team is not even communicated nor is replying to emails. Ai have booked and my all amount and mental torture through Expedia s worsed. Iternery no***********


Service Team not responding

I have booked ticket to India from South Africa but for some reason I wanted to change the Itinerary. I tried calling there call center but no body was picking the phone. I tried to email with two reminders but no response. Then I asked the Girl who booked my ticket Vidhi, she replied only call center can help... Regards Sagar



Not yet received

I have ordered screen guard and earphones till today i have not received and i got a message as your order is been cancelled its a fake website wasting of time so please customers stop ordering things in askmebazaar if you order also you won't get the things to your place don't make online payments for askmebazaar they won't refund you back.



Double payment of electricity bill in july-2015

Sir, It is to inform that the amount has been deducted twice for the below mentioned service no's in July -15. Service no. Amount E Seva Receipt no. Hdfc Auto pay Transaction and Date no. and Date *********** Rs 1554/- ***********, 16/7/15 SI HDFC124403050, 22/7/15 *********** Rs 517/- ***********, 16/7/15 SI HDFC124402973, 22/7/15 Hence it is requested to kindly adjust the amount in August bill.


Airtel -

Laila service activated without my consent

User sugans on Aug 14, 2015 Hello Sir / Madam, I have a 3G airtel connection. In this month's bill, Rs. 70 extra has been added towards LAILA SERVICE. I never activated the service. The 3G connection is used through a data card and there is no way for anyone to activate any value added service. When I asked the customer care about this, the representative told that i requested for service activation through a click of an ad in a web site. She said that she can deactivate the service. My question is how come Airtel has the control to deactivate a service which can not be activated by calling the customer care? This is a day light robbery. A "smart network" that makes its subscribers "fools"



License to harass and rob customers \"Airtel\"

Hi All, I got my number ported to Airtel Karnataka on 26th of July. Ever since then my mobile internet is not working . I tried reaching out for help from the service provider, on 121, Airtel store and every possible point of contacts. However from anywhere and everywhere what I ever got was wastage of time, unreasonable turnaround time, fake reasons almost everything but the solution. And lastly when I approached the Airtel store in order to get a NOC so that I may get this number ported to some other service provider within 6 month of portability they even declined the same. So please let me know that what options am I left with as a consumer, # As per TRAI guidelines I can’t change my service provider in within 6 months of 1st portability # Airtel has not given me a solution in 8 day time frame.(And not even willing to give as per there “Tech. Service Executive”) # As per there misleading “Tech. Service Executive” am using the second SIM for the same number.(Had to buy new SIM ) # Also I am supposed to pay for the services which I have never used, just because is so called “Airtel’s My Plan”. Just let me know that if Airtel has got license as an telecom operator or license to harass and rob customers. AIRTEL GOES VERY WELL WITH “ANY PROBLEM, NO SOLUTION” !!A sad Consumer!! Aditya Kuma



Products not Delivered and No response from the shop keeper

My order no. 262687 (Freedom refine oil 5 liters) booked on Aug 12. I have chosen delivery on 13 Aug 6-7 pm. I didn't received any call.. When i called the respective branch pepper tap dealer they are saying the item is cancelled.. I want that product back.. Please call me to 040-47482294 or ***********... Don't cancel orders without the customer permission.. If once the customer is not there reattempt the delivery once again... Expecting better services and bright future for pepper tap... Regards Harsha 040-47482294 or ***********


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