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Online Fraud

Guys there is one way to get your money. If you have paid the money through credit card. Kindly contact EBS payment module, ask them to connect your call to RISK TEAM. Then tell them your EBS Payment ID (mailed to email id when made payment). Ask the risk team to block the payment since it is online fraud. They will block the ID and send you a email which you need to answer the questions mentioned in that email and send it back to email receiptant. Then call your credit card bank and ask them to put that transacted money in dispute and apply for chargeback. Block your card immediately because they got your sensitive card information like otp, card num, cvv etc


MTNL Delhi

Unethical Behaviour / Disconnection

Sir, This is to request you for your help and cooperation. The MTNL OFFICE NEHRU PLACE ( NEW DELHI ) has the worst team working. I had requested to disconnect my Connection but they have still sent me a bill. i visited the nehru place where i was told to just ignore the bills as they haven't updated the details on there computer. Its there job to keep everything up to date. PLEASE HELP HERE



Cost of new sim

Sir, I have purchase a SIM card No ***********, Mobile No *********** and IMSI No *********** from a retailer name Ganpati Softtech, Near LIC office Bettiah, West Champaran in Rs 40.00 with FRC Rs 40 and 100MB data. On inquired from other retailer it revealed that same type of SIM is available in other place in Rs 10.00 only. When I know the fact, I asked from my retailer about difference in rate of SIM card. The retailer cleared that your executive Mr Sinhashan is supplier of the SIM and he instructed to sell the SIM in Rs 40.00. I also asked from Mr. Sinhashan but he make a plea in differences in both SIM Card. यानी वे यह बहाना बनाने लगे कि दोनों सीम दो किस्‍म का है। अत: मैं यह जानना चाहता हूँ कि आपकी कंपनी एक ही ऑफर में दो किस्‍म का सीम बनाती है। एक 10 रूपये का और एक 40 रूपये का। यदि हॉं तो कंपनी गडबड़ है। और यदि नही तो आपका कार्यकारी ग्राहक को बेवकूफ बनाता है और अपना जेब भरता हैं। कृपया इसका मुझे स्‍पस्‍टीकरण दे। हॉलाकि 30.00 रूपया का कोई औकात नही हैं। फिर भी वसूल-वसूल होता है। धन्‍यवाद।


Royal Twinkle Star Club Ltd

- Not giving maturity amount which is

My name is priyank shah my family was invested money in this company from last some years...we got maturity of our money and the date was given by him is 30-5-15. so many times i have called them.they gave another date for NEFT which was 13-8-2015. still money not received. and now no body is receiving calls and not giving proper answer. i m having urgent requirement of money and they are not giving that only.


Mother Diary

Getting pastrisies smell in tond milk

This is to inform you that today I bought tond milk, after boil getting pastrisies small. I throw all milk. I already taken one cup, not sure, how will impact on my body. Please tkae action on urgent basis. Thanks, Binit jha Mobile ***********



Return rejected without any intimation

Order number: OD*********** Reference number is 26692567 - spoke to Mr. Rajshekhar on 13 August, 6:15 pm. After the call, I got a mail stating that the return request is Rejected/ closed/ Resolved. However the Return request is not closed. Representative has asked me to use the product for another 24 hours. If the issue still persists I have been told that the return will be initiated and based on my choice I will get refund or replacement. (I want refund) The phone has not shown any improvements. It has become worse and due to heat, phone is lagging, screen becomes irresponsive. I am absolutely unhappy with the product quality and the reasoning given behind not approving the return. - Representative kept me on hold 3 times - I was told that supervisor is busy, cannot be contacted. I will get a return call. It never happened - I was told, first 24-48 hours the phone's processor heats up and then it becomes normal. No product manual, instruction guide, official page states that - I have already passed almost 72 hours with the phone, the issue is still there. Kindly arrange a pickup and provide the refund as early as possible, as I do not want to use this faulty product. I am passing through agony as I had purchased so many products from flipkart in last couple of years still I have to go through such hassles. Even the delivery did not happen on time for the product. Request you to expedite and take actions at the earliest. Please arrange a pick up and initiate the refund so that I can buy another product from flipkart.


Eureka Forbes pvt ltd

UV Filter water purifier

My Complaint no . is ***********, ***********, customer id : *********** . I have atleast made 25 calls to customer care . I have purchased Eureka Forbes RO+ UV filter for my family . But it stopped working on 15th July . Have got the customer care complaint number through SMS ( *********** ) . There has been no response from them . Every time they say, technician will be at your doorstep today . My wife is Pregnant and i have to purrchase water daily from outside . Pathetic service and customer care .PLease do the needful . Humble request from my side .



Lack of stock

Hello sir/mam i usually visited many times in kfc panipat in fun city mall after 21:30 when i get free from my office i never had rice bowl, fiery grilled, chicken wings because they always said these are out of stock when i advice to make it they always say sorry now we can't make 2 or 3 bowls for the reason behind is it's almost time to close the store...i am advising you kindly mind it and instruct them to follow the rules & regulation of franchise & provide all products till the store opens



Poor Service and all the time cheated by Instructor

I am using Tata Sky DTH service from the last 1 yr and from the last 4 months i am suffering from the problem in my signal and the connection. In each and every month the Installer visit to my home and resolve the problem and i have pay his service charge all the time. Now from last 4 Days again i face a same problem and try to contact the Customer Care but no one take it as serious and i am not getting any beneficial and proper result from there. Talk to Mr. Shahbad (Employee Id : 100133) but he always pressure me for the charges. Sir/Mam why should i pay a charge for that if they are not providing me a beneficial and permanent solution. Kindly do something i am really irritating from the service of Tata


NSH Barauni

Non Delivery of Speed Post Parcel

14 / 07 / 2015 13:51:46 marathahalli colony s. O item booked 14 / 07 / 2015 15:44:35 marathahalli colony s. O item bagged for nsh bangalore 14 / 07 / 2015 15:51:48 marathahalli colony s. O bag despatched to nsh bangalore 14 / 07 / 2015 19:00:41 nsh bangalore bag received 14 / 07 / 2015 19:22:27 nsh bangalore bag opened 14 / 07 / 2015 19:22:28 nsh bangalore item received 15 / 07 / 2015 04:15:49 nsh bangalore item bagged for nsh barauni 15 / 07 / 2015 04:56:39 nsh bangalore bag despatched to nsh kolkata airport 19 / 07 / 2015 22:51:12 nsh kolkata airport bag received 20 / 07 / 2015 02:49:02 nsh kolkata airport bag despatched to barwani After 20 - 07 - 2015 it's not showing any details. I have complaint id *********** this also not showing any relevant details about my speed post. Still my parcel is not delivered to given address


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