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Whirlpool India -

Magic light not working since May 2015.

Service request no (SRN-DL***********) DT 06/08/15 Earlier two complaints were effort was not satisfactory.Initially the service engineer just fiddled with the light & refitted it. Second time he replaced it with another piece, but it was from an unsealed package.most probably it eas an old piece.This too did not work.Again a complaint was lodged.The service engr again brought an old piece to replce.I did not allow him to install & insisted on a new replacement..Next day i.e. today he brought a new piece & demanded Rs 595/-.I refused to pay & insisted on free replcement.They have finally replaced it on 14 august 15. lets hope it works



SIM (prepaid) failed for mobile no. 9432165563

Dear sir, my sim card ( prepaid mobile no. *********** ) registration has been failed on 01-08-2015 without any previous intimation to me ...My existing balance including data balance is sufficient... I had been port the number from aircel to airtel a few months back... My present contact no. +***********



Deduct my my mobile balance

Dear sir, I want to.register a complaint against aircel regarding deduction of balance for the services which I never activated on my mobile.My mobile number is ***********. Yesterday deducting 23 rupees for the service pocket internet .I have recharged 30 rupees on my mobile yesterday.and its working also. But they are deducting charges 23 rupees for pocket internet charges which i never activated so please help me to get refund of 23 rupees deduction of my mobile from yesterday 10pm.Thanks in advance Regards, Deepak Sahoo



Message alert about low balance

Previously i have lodged a complaint stated that every day receiving 'no balance' message, but i had recharged 209/- seconds plan (following since activation). requested, the 209/- is also money but in the form of seconds; so kindly don't send no balance message. later you a clarified that it is part of service and not eliminated. further i had recharged some money. now, every day message receiving your balance below 10/-. what is this non sense, if i have recharged above 10/-, then you may send your balance below 20/-. understood my view, sincerely, i maintaining seconds plan and recently recharged for 6 months also. as per that i have huge balance in the form of seconds. you are not given that seconds without paying money, repeating the seconds also is equal to money. 905936882


Roopkala Fabrics/craftsvilla

Delivery of wrong product

Dear Sir, I am shocked to find that I have received a product unlike my requisition. I had ordered a white saree with maroon border but supplied with a same saree of different colour combination of cream and red, which I don’t like. Kindly make arrangements for a replacement of the same or refund of the money paid at the earliest. Order shipment 100897987 order date 30-7-2015 Copy to Customer care, Craftsvilla


Iball Slide Tablet

Charging problem

I have purchased iball tablet in jan2015. Since then i have taken it to iball care 4times due to charging problem .every time they changed charger and it starts charging.last time in the month of may they changed charging shocket. it worked well till july than again now its not charging. iam not happy with this tablet and iball care at sagar(MP).Either they dont know any thing about product.or they r just passing my period of warranty.or may be this is defective piece. iball slide should look into the matter and resolve it.


Whirlpool India

Defective water purifier with r.O.

Hi, Whirlpool Senior Management, I had purchased a WHIRLPOOL (R.O.) WATER PURIFIER latest model from one of the dealers at South Kolkata, shop located at Diamond Harbour Road in May'2015. Ever since the product has been purchased & installed by technicians of Whirlpool Team, it is working FAULTY with below reported Problems : 1. Water Re-circulation is not happening from the drain line, which as per operation guidelines provided in product manual has to be continuous. 2. Till date already 03 complaints have been made by us & every time a different Technician turns up to service the product & entire History has to be repeated each time. 3. Last time the SNPS was required to be changed which was stated to be the root cause of all problems. 4. Again, today I had to register a Complaint with Customer care, Ref No: KL*********** dated 14.08.2015, as since yesterday the filter unit has stopped working, adequate claen water is not getting delivered & discharge from drain lines is stopped. RECORDED TDS of the water output from the Purifier unit is AS HIGH AS 172 as against standard norm of within 80 considered for safe drinking water. 5. Inspite of the fact that the Purifier unit is under Guarantee / Warantee Period, every time the visitng technician comes & suggests a PART REPLACEMENT whereas with such numerous problems, Unit should be IMMEDIATELY REPLACED !! 6. We even did purchase a few connectors to extend the laying of the pvc tubes of the drain & circulation lines as suggested by technicians, but till date PROBLEM PERSISTS. SEEK IMMEDIATE ATTENTION & ACTION FROM WHIRLPOOL SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM for resolution of PROBLEM, ELSE I WOULD HAVE NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO ESCALATE THE SUBJECT ISSUE FURTHER & SEEK HELP FROM CONSUMER'S FORUM, AS SAFETY OF MY FAMILY IS AT STAKE ON ACCOUNT OF CONSUMPTION OF UNSAFE WATER DELIVERED FROM WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT - WATER PURIFIER. REGARDS ALOK GHOSH MOB No: ***********


kapil chits ongole A.P

Payment delay

T. Satyanarayana Chit no. FOGT22F-17 is prized on april 2015 but they are not paid me from this month august 2015 and not response what we can do this chit 50 months chit value 1, 00, 000 per monthly rs. 2000/- 40 month chit was bid then company is not issue my chit prized money



Re: Recharge amount transfer to new a/c

Dear sir, I have complained earlier at Dish Tv Customer care for Recharge Amount Transfer from Old VC to New Vc are details below- We regret to inform you that your request to transfer amount of Rs 500 from VC *********** to VC *********** can not be processed as provided transaction Id is incorrect. Moreover, we request you to kindly provide transaction Id starting from VOXXXXXX, So that needful can be done. For any further assistance, please write to us at (email hidden) Thank you for choosing DishTV and giving us the opportunity to provide you the best TV viewing experience. We value your association and assure you of our commitment to serve you better. Warm regards, Geetika Customer Service DishTV Do you know? Your DishTV Recharge date is 3 days prior to your Switch Off date. To enjoy additional benefits, just ensure to recharge your DishTV by your Recharge date Visit DishTV Face book page for Non-Stop dose of Entertainment. Stay abreast with latest in Sports, Music, Movies, DishTV offers and more. Like us on . To contact us, please call on these numbers MTNL / BSNL...local call/Other Telecom operator as per caller's tariff plan 1860-180-3474; Only Non MTNL / BSNL 60013474 (Prefix 011 for North; 022 for West; 033 for East; 044 for South); All lines: 0120-2550000. Thanks for your information. all details are being processed are below- Vc No(Old)- *********** Amount recharge- Rs 500.00 (Five Hundred only) Bank Ref No-IG0AJIPOJ2(SBI Internate Banking) Dish Tv Id -INB AVENUES INDIA LTD, ***********GOAJIPOJ2 TRANSFER TO *********** AVENUES INDIA PRIVATE Date-18/07/2015 Time-07:09:45 pm NEW VC No-*********** Mobile No- *********** Pl do the needful action at your end otherwise i will complained consumer forums with details. On Wed, 05 Aug 2015 12:32:55 +0530 "customercare" wrote >Dear Subhash, Thank you for writing to DishTV. We regret to inform you that your request to transfer amount of Rs 500 from VC *********** to VC 015231184



Negative account balance

Dear Sir/Madam, I have an HDFC account, which was a salary account, I left that company 1 and half years ago. Now I am getting a message that my account has negative balance (-4426.49). I have searched on internet that they are charging for non-maintenance of account and it has been converted to regular account. Please suggest me what should I do. (email hidden)


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