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No Network Connection & No Enquiry Please take Strict Action

Mahamad zameer on Jul 22, 2015 Sir I\\\'m M Zameer Regular customer of your company my number *********** Dharwad City area pin code 580001. I want to complaint with the network provided by you and i have complaint many times 121 and they always resolve it without correcting the problem. The network is so low and poor signals sometimes displays No Service. That you are saying 3G, 4G forget 3g 4g. I don\\\'t even get a good 2g connection. Some times I get 1g connection and i am complaining this problem from almost more than one month. Please tell me Why should pay the bill because i don\\\'t get the proper network connection.thank you



i bought a samsung battery bt it is duplicate

i bought a samsung battery by flipkart on 22nd march. but it is a duplicate battery(EB425161LU). they are serving duplicate items and charging the original cost price of original battery. i enquired that battery cost is 400 rs only bt in flipkart charges it is 540 rs(60% off on 1300 rs battery)



DishTV - disconnect Dish TV Complaint

pathan junedkhan on Jul 23, 201Respect sir, i Pathan junedkhan, i live in rakhiyal ahmedabad Gujarat . my complaint three day\\\'s not proper DishTV work & not proper answer & not recieve my call service engineer person (Jagdish-***********) plz request sir accept my complaint5. thank you



Product delayed

I ordered for a sony headphone on 22/07/2015 and the delivery date promised was 24/07/2015, however i am still not received the product. Seek help from I am cheated in resolving the above mentioned issue. Thankyou



bad service

My wife and I are retired seniors. She brought home a flyer from the mailbox advertising a Handyman. Our evaporative cooler stopped working. This man came over and said he could fix it for $210.59. The next day he came back and after looking around for a while he said they don\'t make these kind of control boxes anymore. He came over that night with a friend of his, John, and they both decided they would have to look for the parts. The next day they both came back with a computer. Jim sat at the computer and started rattling off numbers to John who was using a calculator. After much running in and out to the cooler it was decided that the job would cost $1055.29. My wife and I looked at each other and decided we couldn\'t live without a cooler in Arizona. I asked Jim how much of a down payment he would need and he said all except $100.00 to buy the parts. I wrote out the check to Jim\'s Handyman Service. The next morning he called and said three of them had to go to Phoenix to get the parts but he would have to stop by my house first because they would not take a check made out to his business. I thought it strange that someone would run a business using personal checks but wrote out one to Jim Petty which my wife brought out to the gate and exchanged it for the business check. Therefore I never received a receipt for the $745.29 check. That afternoon they called me on the way back from Phoenix and told me that they would be at my house at 8:30 that night to install the parts. I reluctantly agreed and thought it very strange that they wanted to install the parts in the dark. At 9:45 pm the phone rang and they were at our front gate. I told them we were going to bed to come back in the morning. At 7:30 the next morning they were installing the parts into the cooler which included a new thermostat that was previously mentioned to cost between $300 and $400 alone. They finished the job by 9:30, I paid Jim the last $100 and they left. We had no instructions for the thermostat and only two scribbled over work orders mentioning $210.00,$118.00 and 109.00 in various spots on the work orders. We never received a contract, warranty, nothing! After the cooler started to cool the house down we found out it would not shut off or on once it reached the ambient temperature. I called Lowe\'s and a man tried to help us because they sold that kind of thermostat but eventually said he couldn\'t help us because he would have to see how the control box was wired and that it was probably wired wrong.


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