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Wrongly charging for incoming calls

I am Vivek Sharma. My airtel prepaid mobile number *********** is being wrongly charged for incoming calls even after doing a roaming recharge. Recently I have come to New Delhi for work and thus was on roaming my number being from Maharashtra circle. On 17th July 2015 i recharged my number with Roaming pack of Rs.29 for 28 days. This recharge provides free incoming for 28 days and local calls at Rs 0.80/min and STD calls at Rs 1.15/min.I got the confirmation message for the recharge at around 08:08 PM. Even after doing this recharge i noticed that there were deductions in my balance for incoming.I called up the customer care on 18th July 2015. The Senior Supervisor understood my problem and accepted that I am being wrongly charged. he registered a complaint on my number and asked me to wait for the technical department to get back to me in 24 hours.He also refunded Rs 36 for the wrong charge. The reference number of complaint was CBNRV***********. On 20th July 2015 I received a call from technical department number +*********** but it lasted for some 10 seconds and i could not hear anything.After sometime I received a message saying that the Technical Department of Airtel was trying to reach me. My problem was still not solved so I called up the customer care again. They transferred my call to another Senior Supervisor. I explained him the whole scenario again. He said that your problem will definitely be solved by 04:00 PM on 21st July 2015. I asked whether I need to recharge another roaming pack as I have to receive calls but he refused. He said like you were refunded earlier of being wrongly charged you will be refunded again till the problem is not solved. The problem was not solved. I called up again and spoke to another Senior Supervisor and he said that he will arrange a technical department callback for me . But there was no call back. I called up again on the night 21st July 2015 and another senior supervisor said that there was technical problem and that is why they could not call but will surely call before 10 AM of 22nd July 2015. There was no call back from the technical department. I called up the customer care again on 22nd July 2015 at around 1130 PM. This time I spoke to the Senior supervisor and told him the issue. This SENIOR SUPERVISOR called MAHESH from MAHARASHTRA CIRCLE was very RUDE and NOT EVEN LISTENING TO ME.He again said we will check with technical department but this time I refused to postpone it. I asked for my refund of balance and said that will do a new roaming recharge for the time being. He started giving me vague solutions like checking my settings of networks and was not listening to me only. He said that you are not being wrongly charged etc. He straightaway said I CANNOT HELP YOU and do whatever you want. He kept the phone thereafter. The reference numbers which were given to me are- CWRCH*********** CBDCC*********** CBNRV*********** I want the total refund of the incoming deductions made on my number after 18th July 2015.My problem of incoming calls should be either solved as soon as possible. There should be some disciplinary action taken against the Senior Supervisor Mahesh of Maharashtra circle. please look into this problem soon Thank you VIVEK SHARMA- ***********



Car not given on time

I have booked Car (ertiga maruti) since last one and half month back with downpayment 3lakh rupees.after so many follows they failed to delivery on time.still we are touch up with 7 drives Car shop in Andheri. can anyone help how to resolve it.they are giving date in date which they failed to give delivery on date. my suggestion is no one should book Car from 7 drives



Cheque bounce

They have bounced my cheque by mentioning the reason of fund insufficient whereas i have funds more than the cheque amount. I have applied for IPO syngene internation ltd through ASBA. allotment of syngene came on 06/08/2015 but till 10/08/2015 they did not unmark lien from my account



Cheque bounce

I have an S/B Account in SBI, Mahaveer nagar, KOTA(RAJ.) and branch code is SBIN0011311.My account no. is ***********.I have given a cheque(505495) in favour of M/S MODERN MOTORS of Rs. 49, 000/- (fourty nine thousand) on dated 07-07-2015 but that cheque get bounce and reason mentioned by bank is SIGN AUTH TO OPERATE AC NOT RECD.Pl. go through and take proper action.



shoe damage

Not satisfied with 50% refund by way of replacement for defect of heal from bata customer service mail dated 10/06/2015 to my email id (email hidden) and my reply dated 12/06/2015. Article no. 8514148. Defect - Heal broken. 13/02/2015 / pammal Amount - inr.1610 Purchase date - 13/02/2015 Cash memo no. 1939 0305 Shop Address - Shop no 9017, pammal main road muthamizh nagar, pammal, chennai-600075, India Kindly help to get refund 100% cash. Suresh ***********



Transaction done but still not get my parsal yet

I had ordered an navigator on 31st july by online transaction and transaction had been completed about 9000/- and it should be delieverd on 6 aug but today is 10 aug and still i m not get. and when i tried to track my order online it is showing wrond deliered addressess still they dont try to take action it. its their duty to call me and delivered but i tried a lot to contact us they said we will call u day by day its getting lose of hopes just take stong action against ths...



Credits for returned goods not updated...

Three products were returned... For fee days refund was available on site... But now its gone without any purchase... Now its not available anymore.. I sent both pics for returned goods and the credit page.. Please look to it and make the credit refund... And also why is pay on delivery option is not available any more... Cant make further purchase without it... Thanks... Waiting for reply...



Debit Card Fraud

Dear sir, Some fraud made with me, who used my debit card of ICICI bank to purchase from you . We request to you kindly cancel all these transactions, because they are cyber criminals /*********** /*********** /***********



personaltop up loan not disburse till date.

sir, My name is Ayan Ranjan Ghosh loan a/c no PPR*********** .previous RS400000/-loan already closed 16.7.2015 iknow by massege.Top up loan sanctioned RS490000/- but till date disburse amount not received by your end.Mr gaurv das, said the amount already disburse 17.7.2015 through neft of my S.B. I account. I already sent my bank passbook uptodate copy by mail MR.gaurav das mail id. ialso complain this matter MR S.Kundu team manager personal loan department. please solve this matter urgently and oblige. Thanking you . Ayan Ranjan Ghosh.



Problem in replacement of battery

I bought a simmtronics laptop battery with one year warranty. In two monts battery is not responding .so i gone to service center they told me they will replace in one days .now it, s i had visited there service center three times . they always said next day. next day. there employees does not talk properly.


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