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Issued the policy in the name of the ICICI bank OD facility

Dear My Name is Sandesh I work as a manager in Hyd i received a call from the ICICI bank Delhi ans said they will provide a OD facility for that i have to take a policy from the Bajaj Allianz the premium will be 80K for the OD of 15 Lacks. They got the signature on the policy documents as well as the OD form of the ICICI bank. Then after the submission of the Documents and cheque of 80000 Rs. I receibved a call from the ICICI bank and after asking some questions they told that my OD has been approved for 16.45 laks and they will present the cheque. The cheque got cleared and after 20 days received the policy. After that they told that i will get a call for the policy mortgauge from the ICIC bank. Now i Am trying to call them the Nos are coming switched off and temporirly out of service. I dont want the policy which is put me on Fraud basis. Also if people use the name of such reputed banks and easily roam with their forms then how anyone will believe in the Bank. I have long association with the ICICI bank. Now i am doubting the bank as how did they get My Mobile no. Now planning to shift all my banking within a year as I no longer Have trust. Please clarify Name of the People SONIA, RENu *********** and ***********



Abusive calls from the team

I have HDFC Credit card with me as I am having other banks credit cards as well and it is only 3 months I have HDFC credit card and one of my payment got miss so I got a call back from one of the agent asking me why the payment was late, I was in office so at my office phone is not allowed so when I picked the calls I told him that within 5 days i will make the payment and the reason is someone was hospitalised so I was out of town but the other guy started in hindi- JAB BAS KI NAHI HAI TO KARJA LETE KYU HO BANK SE, APKI SALARY K HISAB SE ITNA LIMIT KAISE DE DIYA BANK NE - it is not hard to understand that within 5 days you will get the payment and still you are calling my mother and saying we will collect it by sending agents forcefully- i think this is appaling services, i will be paying whole amount in one go as CITI and ICICI are very good in terms of service as I never miss payment but still, they are understanding, i want to raise this further and If I am not getting any reply we will be reaching banking ombudsman for resolution .



NR-295 Refrigerator Panasonic

I purchased a refrigerator NR-295 from Choudhury Electronics Burla on 2/01/2015. It is in the Warranty period. Now I find that the door of the Refrigerator is not closing properly. For this water is flowing continuously from it and through out the house. Accordingly I booked online complain first on 23/05/2015 with request number R*********** and next on 14/07/2015 with a request number R***********. Each time the service man is coming but the problem is not solved. Interestingly the objective of the service person is to tear service coupon from the warranty booklet. What I intend to tell is that the door of it is not closing properly & the problem is not solved. Therefore necessary steps may be taken to either solve the problem or replace the refrigerator.



Unnecessary abusive behaviour

This is Akhil Nair from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.I was having a consumer loan with you for a washing machine. In that loan account i have completed all the payments with bounce charges. 3 emi were bounced n i have paid that in cash to ur executives with bounces charges of 350 each i have recpt for the same.Still i have not got an NOC for the same.Instead of that i m getting calls everyday that 350 bounce charges is still pending. Yesterday on 22/07/2015, i got an call from this no.+91 ***********, n one of the executive called me for the same bounces charges.i explained him the whole situation but he ask me to go to bajaj finance office.which i dont have to because i have completed my part. now that executive started abusing saying "teri aukad nhi h 350 bharneki" :mandir me jaake bethke bhik maang n all... This is not the way to treat the customer. I want you to look in to this matter because this is a matter of your company reputation n customer relations...pls kindly look in to this matter



Delivery of broken product through Rediff ShopSupport

Dear Sir, I have placed an order for supply of an Hiking polo to gift my aged father through Rediff Shop Support vide Order No 11842974 . However the product was received in broken condition during mid july but after lodging the complain till date neither the product is replaced not the money is refund to me



Ac not working post sevice on 20th July

I was using my hyundai I10 magna 1100 CC, oyster grey color car. I got my car service done as on 20th July 2015 and Mr Vipin Kumar (hans Hyundai, Moti nagar) was the attendant of my car. My car AC was working fine accept some noise that came couple of times, accept that there was no problem in the AC of the car. Post service I was told that the AC of the car is not functioning properly and there is a leakage and the gas is leaking from the AC and it will take 20, 000/- to replace the compressor. It was 7.30 PM then and I took the car home and release that my AC is not working at all and it is in fact not cooling at all. Since then I have been following up for repair of my AC, but is always told that you have to change the compressor and that is the only solution. I just want to confirm that my AC was working fine and the person who cam to collect the car also switched on the AC for coulple of minutes and did not notice any problem in the AC. Also I was informed about gas leakage when I reached to Hyundai to collect the car and not at the time of general inspection of the car.



Mid day meal raw materials are being sold in open market as animal feed.

Dear Sir, The raw material of mid day meal which are to be given to children and being sold in open market. They are being sold in huge quality and are being sold by other party in animal feeds. They change the packing of raw material and are selling it at a price of Rs 1400 - 1450 per quintal for animals. They are sold in the name of SOYABEAN. Some of the names of seller in our area are- 1. Shiv Shakti flour Mill, Plot No - E1, Center Market, Sector 9 B, Bokaro Steel City. The name of owner is Deep ak. 2.Inder Dev, Ramdih More, Sector 9, Bokaro Steel City. Pls do something as the main goal of giving nutritional food to children will go in vain.



Lenovo K3 Note

Dear Sir. I have order my lenovo K3 Note Its has pass one month but i have not recive the Lenovo K3 Note I have even pay 1000 rupess as per your instruction & as you say to pay first EMI so i payed it. & now if we are calling in cousumer care they dont recive the call yestaday i called but from 30 mit they were not attending call. What do now ? My Application No:- 1607JUST7035 Contact me on:- 90-16-462154, 99-09-075548



Regarding Maturity Amount not received.

My name is sudhir kumar sharma from jaipur Rajasthan. Below i have mentioned some details of my insurance policy ;- Master policy number - *********** policy number - *********** date of commencement - 16 june 2010 premium - 10, 000 yearly Branch code & location - 68, Dhankoli, state Rajasthan. Date of Birth - 05 march 1967 we have tried enough to contact them through mails, call but no satisfactory answer is recieved from them, now i am totally exhausted and now have planned that i will go for more further enquiry if my complaint is still due, Here are some company's officials email id to whom we have contacted and given our compalint. (email hidden) (email hidden), (email hidden), (email hidden)



No Network Connection & No Enquiry Please take Strict Action

Sir I'm M Zameer Regular customer of your company my number *********** Dharwad City area pin code 580001. I want to complaint with the network provided by you and i have complaint many times 121 and they always resolve it without correcting the problem. The network is so low and poor signals sometimes displays No Service. That you are saying 3G, 4G forget 3g 4g. I don't even get a good 2g connection. Some times I get 1g connection and i am complaining this problem from almost more than one month. Please tell me Why should pay the bill because i don't get the proper network connection.


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