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Item missing in package

Dear Team, I have raised a complain on 26th July, regarding 4 missing item in package with detail as metioned below . Your team has closed the complain on thier end with declaring that everything was ok on their side. I want to escalate the issue to you for looking into the matter for resoving the issue as I m not satisfied with it. I have recorded the whole thing while opening the the package and these items were not inside the package. Order detail : Order# 171-0087520-9112375 . missing item no 1: GoSriKi Women's Cotton Blend Straight Printed Kurta with Pant & Dupatta (Sitara Blue_XL-GO_Blue_X-Large) missing item no 2: Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deodorizing Talc for Men, 250g missing item no 3: Levi's Men's 100 CA Regular Fit Solid Vest (#012-VEST-WHT- White P2_M) missing item no 4: DHRUVI TRENDZ Women's Lycra Regular fit Women's Wear (Mehandi Green, Small)