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Dmart (Avenue Supermarket Ltd)
ID: # IMC000003750

Refusal of free delivery after failing to make order available on self pickup point on time

I had ordered using DMart app via order no. 3984223 on 9tharch. My self pickup timing was 12pm-3pm on 10th March 2019. I reached the selected pickup point around 1:15 pm and the person manning the store said that my ordered items are not received on the there by then. I had come there with a friend, that means 2 people took out time in a hot afternoon and came driving such a long distance in order tp avoid going to DMart store. And, after that when the items haven't reached the pickup up point on time then it wasn't my fault. Hence, I asked the person to provide deliver my ordered items to my home free of cost as the the fault is at DMart's end. The person said it is not possible. Then I called your customer care, the telephonic representative, Mr. Sagar Vishwakarma, kept repeating that "we are sorry for this but we can not provide you delivery". Then I asked that in case of cancellation, I must be paid labour charges of 2 people and fuel charges which I consumed to come to pick up. He said even that is not possible. I had mailed the issue on DMart's customer support ID but didn't get any revert except system generated acknowledgement (Ticket Received #132810) . My complaint is that DMart team should have provided me free delivery as the mistake was theirs. Now I want them to apologize and pay me for my loss as penalty. Attaching screenshots of mail sent by me and acknowledgement mail from DMart.