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ID: # IMC000003693

Package is not delivered

I have ordered Nokia130 DS on March 04th and i got Message on 05 it has been delivered. My Order ID Number is 405-2694519-7215543. Before that i did not get any calls from amazon team and even i didnt get Delivery Man Contact aslo. Only i got delivered Message. After that i called to amazon customer care and filed complaint on 05 th march and they told that the issue will be solved on or before 7th March. After that i called on 06th March and they said they told me to upload my Authar ID and again told that it will be solved on or before 12th March. Again i call them on 12th and they said investigation 60% compleated and you will get the Update before 14th and they get my alternative Mobile number. I did not get any call from them and i called them today and they told we tried to call u but not connected and again we will noted this and will update u on 15th. If not happen they told me to call again but asked them why dont you call me. They said we dont call you and it is not our Duty. This is unacceptable and they are playing well on this issue. They done the misstake but putting pressure on my side. I am the Prime Memeber of Amazon. Kindly solve the Issue actually that Mobile is ordered for my DAD as Gift. Totally disappointed me and my Dad. Poor service from Amazon.


Yes, I got my Amount back yesterday.

Posted by: On March 18,2019 at 2:03:pm