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ID: # IMC000004046

Amount debited but not dispensed by Indicash ATM

I tried taking 10000 rs out of my account on 19/04/2019, from Tata Indicash ATM located at lalchakki chowk, Ulhasnagar 421004, however, there was no cash dispensed and the screen went blank. I thought there could be less cash in the ATM so I tried taking out 4000 rs which worked, but the 10000 rs which was not dispensed was also debited from my account. I've already raised a complaint with my bank (SBI) and was told to wait for 14 working days. I called the SBI customer care team to check the status and was told that the claim has been rejected as the status with Tata Indicash shows that the transaction was successful. This is definitely fraud as no ATM could dispense cash twice at the same time (dual transaction) and there is no evidence to prove that the machine did dispense 10000 rs as well. I came across a forum where there were round about 30 customers complaining about the same issue with Tata Indicash. Kindly look into it as this would be a major fraud being carried out and no one is even aware of it.