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Airtel dealers in chennai are worse

I requested for a new airtel broadband connection. The sales dealer (***********) called me and verified my detail and asked me to pay online. I gave the documents to another guy who came to house (***********). After I payed online I didnot get any confirmation or anything. I tried reaching the sales dealer 1000 times and once she picked and said she will do the needful immediately. The next week, I tried reaching the guy who came to my home. This guy never attended my 1000 calls. I was unable to raise a complaint since i dont have an airtel number. I then sent mail to bbairtel2015@gmail.com and 121@in.airtel.com. One lady from *********** called and said she will look into the issue and cut the call without letting me talk. The airtel dealers in chennai are really crappy. Can someone help me to cancel the connection request and refund my 1000 rupees.