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ID: # IMC000001254

Billing after cancellation

This is with regard to my broad band connection account no: *********** and phone number ***********. I had raised a request in april 2015 to cancel the connection since i was leaving the country. However the cancellation didn't happen and the following month bill was added since i didn't pay it the connection eventually got cancelled. I returned back after 3 months, 2 weeks ago to create a new connection when they said my line has been put in safe custody. They mentioned i could get reconnected immediately and so i did. However within 2 days it got disconnected saying i owed rent for the month of may and there was an addition 600 rs fees for safe custody which i never requested in the first place. When i raised it as an issue i was promised there is some miscommunication and the sum will be reverted ( find below the mail) my connection was back on for 1 day after which it again got cancelled. Now i got a bill of an additional 800 Rs for the 3 days of internet connection i had. I had tried reaching out on multiple occasion but to no avail.