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ID: # IMC000000049

Payment bills still getting generated though connection was discoonected

Hi, This complain has still not been resolved and am getting payment mails again and again.After I posted this complain airtel sent me an email that i do not have to pay anything and my account will be disconnected. But nothing was done and still am getting payment mails. Now the customer care people are making stories that this account is active because of ownership transfer which i have never applied for.I never even heard anything like that so why will I apply for that. Must say that Airtel customer care service is the most pathetic one.I cannot take this nonsense anymore. I need immediate disconnection and also I am not paying anything as the last payment where I confirmed disconnection twice has been paid in April.I do not owe anything to Airtel. I have the whole chain of mails exchanged so if that is required I can send it to the concerned person. Regards, Astha Shaw