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ID: # IMC000004553

Bad product quality (Refund)

I have purchaesd 3 pair of red tape shoes from Amazon last month but one of them (order number 406-2124075-8144318 ) has been damaged within 1 month because of poor quality or I don't think this is orzinal shoes. Now on 12 july I called customer care one of lady said we will take this product back and give u refund now next day one pickup boy came and first he said that u have used these shoes I said yes I have issue with quality I had a discussion with customer care that's why you came here now he says that I'm not able to scan bar code for this product due to technical issue i"ll come back after sometime, and then after 30 minutes i got message that ur pickup has been cancelled. Now I again called customer care this time onther lady said sir we"ll arrange a new pick up for you on 14 July. Now on 14 july first I got message that ur pickup will be done today but no one called me or neither any pickup boy came and I got message that ur pickup has been cancelled. Now since 12th of july i am regularly calling to customer care they are genrating pickup daily and daily i am getting message that pickup has been cancelled without any call.Now I just wanna know how long I need to call customer care and how many mails i need to send for my refund they guys are not taking this serously. this is a kind of mentally harassment Please look into this matter whosoever reeive this mail i just need my refund ASAP.