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Missing phone in the box!

Amazon Your Account Amazon.in Message From Executive Customer Relations Hello Rishabh, I’m Varun from the Amazon.in Executive Customer Relations team. This is regarding the issue you're facing with your Order No: 407-1364925-6882723. As per the update received from our Fulfilment Centre team and Transportation team, we've received a confirmation that the item was delivered in intact condition without any issue and hence we will not be able to help you with a return or replacement. Please be assured that the information we've received is correct and has been taken considering every aspect of the issue. I hope this information has been helpful, and we look forward to serving you again soon. We appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today Warmest regards, Varun V Executive Customer Relations Amazon.in Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem? Yes No Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company. Download Amazon App and shop anytime, anywhere www.amazon.in/apps Original Message I have oredered redmi note 7s (order number- 407-1364925-6882723) on 1st july 2019 and on 3rd july 2019 i got the delivery and the product packing had damaged corners and very normal packing that is cardboard wraped and tape is stick to cardboard, i asked the delivery boy why it is damaged he told me that sir it get dameged by shipping and dont worry your product will be safe inside so when i opened the box it i couldnt find the phone inside, the box contains only charger, charger lead, phone cover. Then i called to customer excutive then he will registered my complaint and told me to wait for 5-8 days there will be investigation team which will investigates and provides me solution regarding this and also it will told me that the investigation team will call you during the investigation period so please pick the call at that time. After 8 days i called to customer excutive they told me that our investigation team called you but you couldnt take the call but i couldnt recieve any type of call from customer excutive. Then they said me wait for 3 days you will receive a call from investigation team then they will provide solution. At 11th july 5pm i received a call from investigation team he will ask about the delivery package and told me call to customer care within24 hours they will provide solution. Then i called to next day it told me that wait for another 3 days you will get another call from customer excutive then they will provide solution regarding this i wait for 3 days but bot not receive any type of call regarding this then i again call to customer excutive after 3 days they told me that investigation team will called you but you couldnt recieve the call i told him that i could not recieve any type of call so how can i take call, again they said me wait for another 3 days they will call you then we wull provide you solution then on 16 i will call to customer excutive that i couldnt recieve any type of call from investigation team so what could i do they told me that wait for 17th july it is the last day of your complaint call us on 17th july we will provide you solution but wait for 24 hours. Then at evening i called to customer excutive they told me that we will not receive any update, so please wait for another 3 days call us on 23rd we will provide you solution regarding this and during 3 days you will receive call from investigation team. Then today i called to customer excutive they told me that investigation will completed and product will deliver to you so no refund and replacement will be provide. I wait for more than 20 days and during this period i recieve only 1 call from investigation team and any type of investigation update will not send me through mail, sms or any call and at last told me that product will delivered to you very bad experience with amazon shoping site and also bad experience with the customer service it would loss of my 11, 839 rupees and lot of time will be wasted and customer excutive will always make fool of me, even the next time when i upload my quarry to social site they raise the complaint again, again there will be investigation team investigate and again as earlier i have to ask for the update they won't provide me any detail and i asked for my complaint number in written they also not provide me.... They think me fool and always avoid to help me i don't know what is happened with me about a month will be wasted my money will be wasted i will suffered a lot no will help me, investigation team just take it as joke just to wasted the customers time and at the end close the matter by saying we will delivered the product. After that i will upload my issue at amazon facebook accout they again do same thing with me wasted my time by saying still investigation is going on we will get you update soon but couldn't provide me any solution... Please help me out in this situation... the customer support couldn't provide any details regarding investigation even the complaint number is not sent to me, they totally make fool of me....kindly provide me solution as soon as possible!