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Product not Delivered payment made at the time of order

Order ID: 171-6049356-3822752 dated 17-5-2018 I have placed order of my mobile on 17 May and it has been confirmed that mobile will deliver on 21 May after that it showed out for delivery on 21 May and i recived message of contact number of amazon agent when i called to amazon agent then He told that he has been left job from Amazon then i informed to customer care and told same issue then she told that it will be deliver today without any delay after that i recived the message from amazon that mobile has been delivered to me then i have informed to customer care representative on immediately that i have not received mobile yet then she told that please wait for 24 May beacuse delivery date has been changed. On Next day, i called to amazon cutomer care then he told that we have registered your complaint and our investigation team will update you then i was doing continuos followup with amazon person then they told that i will update recived on or before 31 May then i have post on Twitter and facebook and other social media app then i have received reply from Amazon team that we will resolve issue at earliest. I have received email from amazon and it has been confirmed that mobile was delivered to me on 21 May then i called to amazon team about email, He said that Investigation team has been confirmed that I have been received mobile so amount will not refund then i told that please provide justification about confirmation from investigation team then He told that please take legal action against amazon after that legal team will update you about confirmation from investigation team so i want proof or justification from investigation team because i haven't any sign on delivery confirmation machine and it is useless that i will spend hinge amount over legal against amazon for mobile which price is 9000.So , for this Rs.9000/- Mobile do i need to hire a legal adviser or a Lawyer , seriously i have came to of treatment as like i am a thief or lair who is lying


Amazon has been notified about the posted complaint. 

Posted by: On May 30,2018 at 2:38:pm