ID: # IMC000001792

Laptop purchased during Diwali Sale on 3rd October not yet delivered

I purchase a Dell laptop from Amazon India on 4th-October-2016 , the product was supposed to be delivered on 5th October but its not delivered yet. I am making the complaint today on 14th-October after numerous calls made to them and getting false assurance that the product would be delivered. I got an SMS on 5th Oct saying the product would be delivered by the EOD. But i was told by the delivery person that he dont have a Exchange Receipt with him and hence they will deliver it the next day. On 6th , the delivery person told me he dont have my product and on 7th the Delivery guy finally asked me to followup with Amazon to provide them an Exchange Receipt. Since then i have been calling them everyday and they are assuring each time that product would be delivered within 48hrs or 24hrs. On 11th they asked me to wait for 48 hrs and said after that they will initiate a replacement. But nothing happened and even they didnt bothered to update me . As my money is stuck with them i called up on 13-October and this time the guy said that i should wait for 24hrs and the product will definately be delivered by 14th . Else they will contact me and will initiate replacement. But i waited the whole day and no one contacted me. In the mean time everytime in the logs they keep on updating that "The product could not be delivered as Customer was not at home".