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Complaint regarding Panasonic Plasma TV

I, Jackie Savla had bought a panasonic plasma tv. Model no. TH-P42XT50D. I bought the tv on 10 January 2013 from EMDEE ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD. Invoice no. is 3522. Ever since we brought the tv in the first four months there came a fault in one of the parts of the tv. This kept on repeating every 6 months for 18 months. The company replaced the parts but did not give us any memo regarding the part they changed.Now this has occured for the fifth time. The part has got spoiled for the fifth time. So we demanded a replacement from the company as the problem has occured many times. But the company people are saying they will not replace the tv with a new one. Only 6 months of warranty are remaining, so after the warranty period gets over we would be charged for the part. So i do not have trust on the part of the company anymore. I even emailed the company regarding the issue, but they said they would only replace the part. The company is also not informing us about the part they changed. We launched a complaint in the company on 4 july 2015. Complaint No. is R040715013232. The case no. we got from the company via email is C170715024460. My email:- [email protected] Mobile No. 9820376529