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ID: # IMC000002358

Refund not received

I had scheduled return of product which were shoes. And I returned the product on 28 june. But they haven't updated the status on my account till date. I concerned with there wrost customer service center. what they replied in after more than 3 hours. Customer support is worth. They just give me assurance. First they had shared one screenshot it states that pickup completed but they haven't received and they still waiting for the same I waited again 2 weeks. But still no refund. After that I again concerned with the customer support on 10 july the told me again we forwarded your incident to the finance department. And today is 16 july still no refund. They just try to trick me. Club factory is scammers.


Club factory has been notified about the posted complaint. 

Posted by: Iamcheated.com On July 18,2018 at 3:47:am