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ID: # IMC000003738

Damaged and dissatisfied goods

Reference id: 34184, ORDER ID: 5863746, TRACKING ID: 1332919015384, I ordered dress from these site through facebook on 11 march 2019. I ordered weds wear lehnga pack of 2 at rs.1099 but instead of that i received pack of 3 sarees which is waste material and damaged product. I want to return it and get my money back from them. When i ordered all details showing by them for 15 days easy return policy but after i got delivery all information then hidden from there site and npt even got any phone number to complain. They are cheating the people's and playing with them for earning money by providing good dresses on there site but diliverying unsatisfied and damaged goods. So i am hearty requesting to u please take some action as soon as possible by that other people will not be cheated by them.