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Not recived refund amount applied in cool off period 10 days as per agreement.

Dear Sir, This is Sunil Kumar, currently resident at Bangalore. November 10th 2017 date me and my wife visited to the country club vacations sarjapur bangalore and attended the demo sessions of County club. After session they forcefully approaches to purchase country vacations plan and not provided time because of offer will end and they informed within 10 days you can refund your money if you not interested. They taken money first and later provide the credit card bills and then provided the agreement for signature. In that agreement what they explained is completely not matching. there we esquire with customer manager Kiran, He shown the cool off period to refund your money within 10 days in agreement. So other next day we mailed company to refund money. but as per discussion we didn't got our money back. Next day i was got confirmation from my wife , she is pregnant and doctor suggested no long journey or travel. Next day we mailed the company ( as mentioned in agreement email ID) . we provided full details, all reasons like we are not satisfies with company features , conditions and offers. mentioned my wife health conditions. Everything mailed to the company and applied cool off period within 10 days. I was got replay from that mail : you have to wait for 120 days to collect your money. So i was waited long time and after completion of 120 days i was sent so many mails , there is no response from that side. Next time i went country club office in different areas and contacted customer care but there is no use . They are suggested to wait for Processing refund. i was collected company different mails ID when i was visited the different branches and Mailed to all email ID. But still No response from any one. I was sent so many emails ... but there is still no response. As per agreement 10 days cool off period they have to refund my money. Still now no one responding. I paid 1,50,200 rupees by credit card. So Every month i am here paying credit card interest. So i am requesting you people please help us because i loose my job, suffering financial problems and unable to pay credit card bills. I have phone call records evidence, Sales agreement documents. Email replays and etc. Currently i dont have money to lodge complaint them, So unable went court. So Please provide me proper guidelines and requesting to help me. Country club details: "Cancelation request of country vacation: DT41#3841: Membership No. CVBG1SCLUB5LB244612_Category Silver Club+5yrs 6N7D Blue U12 ." Registered Mobile No: ***********. BR, Sunil