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ID: # IMC000000728

DUAL SIM for repair

I had given my mobile set HTC DESIRE 816 DUAL SIM for repair on 25.7.2015 as its mic was not working(no out going voice) at service centre in allahabad . ticket no : 15INA300024534 JOB NO : IXD005-0003344 sl no : LC51SYE62542 The set was in warranty as i had purchased it on 18.3 15 from Sports House Mobile Division, civil lines Allahabad. When I gave set for repair it was told to me that it will take one week as they have to send it to Gurgawn. Now on 1.8.2015 at 5.30 pm when i went to collect my set . I got it and checked there it self the problem was still there. It's Mic was still not working .(no out going voice) Now this is ridiculous and very irresponsible that after waiting for one week, I faced the same problem. (what they did at gurgawn centre) it seems They did not even checked the set after repairing or not even repaired ? Person at Allahabad centre said that again I have to send the set for repairing.There response was very casual it seems that they face this type of problem every day. When the set was repaired then why it was delivered here at allahabad. At allahabad centre they did not even talk to any person where they had sent the set at Gurgawn. They said they are not allowed to talk to them at Gurgawn. The person again sent my mobile to gurgawn and till date i have not received my set. Now as I have no other mobile set, some how i have managed one week, again how much time. how more i have to wait. why ? Now since then every day i am chating on there on line support they only say that u will get your set very soon. now it is 18 days since 27-7-2015 how long i have to wait . Reply Soon