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ID: # IMC000001120

Phone voice not working, pathetic service

I bought the phone from Flipkart in April 2015. In July 2015, the voice stopped working. So now I can't use the phone without the earphones. Complaint number: 15IND310009875 I called the helpline. The executive guided me to do some tests to check the phone. I did those and it didn't get fixed so I called back. She then guided me to visit a service center. No phone number is provided to any of their service centers so you can't even call before hand and find out if they service phones that have been bought online. You have to visit the center. Anyways I went to the service center in Kurla Paragon Phoenix center [TVS Electronics]. There was a long queue there [50 people minimum] and the staff was very rude. I asked the lady on the counter if they service phones that are online purchases. She said they do and I should take a token and wait. After waiting for 2 hours when it was my turn to be attended to, the person simply told me we don't service online purchases, please go and call Flipkart [since I have purchased from them]. He just saw my receipt and told me that. I expected if this was the case I should have atleast been informed earlier and not been made to wait. They could have seen my receipt and told me earlier. I asked that I want to speak to the manager, who was sitting inside. The manager of the center was also very rude and said I can't do anything to help you. When I questioned her why did they ask me to wait, she tells me, "you asked the wrong person, you didn't ask me". This was really appalling. The staff was very insulting to the other customers as well and kept laughing and joking among themselves that all HTC phones have problems and all customers come within less than 3 months for getting their phones repaired. Besides that, the AC was not working/ switched off and the place was stinking badly. Obviously with so many people inside, no ventilation and no fans. This was the most shocking expereince I have had at a "service center". There was no service provided.