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product missing from the box

Order id - *********** This was an order of an imported mi max 2 smartphone. I paid 16399 for this. In the package I received open box of the same phone but it was a box of mi max 2 Indian variant. The box was not having phone and charging brick. It contained only papers and a data cable. I immediately contacted ebay about it. They suggested me to contact the seller. I dialled the seller but he did not received my call. Later when I posted my feedback on ebay explaining the issue he dialled me and told that it was the fault of the courier company and promised that he will refund my money. In return he requested me to remove the feedback. I removed it as requested by the seller. But after that he didnot cared to refund my money. Few days ago he claimed that he is seeing the IMEI of my phone being used by me. I wonder how he is making such false claims. I have an email from him stating that he is seeing the IMEI being used by me. I also talked to ebay regarding this but they also favoured their seller!


Sir, Please resolve my problem fast.

Posted by: On April 17,2018 at 2:43:am

Thank you for lodging a complaint with us. We have notified the company regarding the issue and hope they will get back to you soon.  

Posted by: Iamcheated.com On April 02,2018 at 10:31:am