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ID: # IMC000001760

Refund is not issued and laptop is with seller . claim is not resolved.

This is regarding Regarding PaisaPay id *********** SR# 1-***********on ebay.in i ordered a latop on ebay for 35k in july 2016 and after 3-4 days i filed a case that the laptop is not genuine as i can see many faults here and i do not like this please take it back and refund me the money then after 3 days of filing the case i got a reply from ebay that please share some images and something like that then i replied and the conversation were like this. The point here is that ebay was replying me after 3-4 days of my reply so it took arround 25 days when ebay asked me to send the laptop back but before that i had already left the city for 10 days as i had to visit some where due to official work and i thought that some one from ebay would come and take the laptop and refund the amount but nothing happend and tha laptop was lying in my flat. When i came back and saw the laptop i called ebay and then ebay guy asked me to send the laptop back he is re openning the claim now and send the laptop by tomorow i did the same and then ebay asked the seller to reship the laptop back to me as they can not refund me. After this i gain contacted the ebay and then graviance team from ebay asked me to send it back again this time they wll take care of all and refund for sure as i had already shared this issue on social medias . Now it is about a week and the laptop is already delivered to the seller and i have no info what is going on i have not received my money back yet. I have no laptop and no refund . Ebay people say sir you will get the refund when i call them when i ask them to i want to talk to your grivance team they give a number which is never answered . Worst experience on ebay. 35k for laptop and 2k + 2k =4k for shipping the laptop back to seller toltal is arround 39k stuck with ebay. This is huge amount and i cant bear this if i have to go legal for this i will go. My PaisaPay id is *********** and service request id is SR# 1-***********on