ID: # IMC000001735


The story started 3 months ago march 29 i ordered a watch from eBay i got it on time but after i got my product i realized that it was fake so i tried to call seller but after 3 days of calling i didn't get any response ,so i raised a claim for refunds it was approved on 6th of may and i suppose to get my refunds as a Demand Draft on 16th of may but i didn't receive so i called eBay they told me sir it was some issue going on so it takes more 7 days but from then i keep calling eBay and i am getting same answer all the time that. Sir i am informing this issue to my senior now you'll get in next seven days but still its now 4 month and when i called eBay again last week they told me the same story that sir sorry for inconvenience sir you will get in next 7 days now apart from that i send thousands of email to them not even a single reply .i am seek and tried calling eBay they realized that as well that i called them so many time but i don't know what they are doing i am not happy with the answer which i am getting all time same answer all time when i call eBay : e Bay CLAIM ID :1885038 CONTACT NUMBER :9038489280 EMAIL: ramrakesh.2@gmail.com