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ID: # IMC000001864

refund not receivied

Hi, I had ordered a product on from ebay which was delivered to me on the 23rd of july 2016. Due to some issues I had called in for a refund and my claim was approved on 16th August 2016. I was told that my Demand draft would take 15 days to reach my house, but it never came. Today it's 26th of December 2016 and I am very sure that is not coming to me this year atleast. I have tried every possible reasoning with the team but everytime I speak to them, they have no clue has to what is going on. In the past 5 months I must have had a lenghty conversation with Ebay atleast 4 times but each time its a new experience for me. I Have been receiving the same email from Ebay service team at an interval of 3-5 days since 11th of Nov 2016. I have 8 such emails, which all have exactly the same content which says that I will be getting a call in 48 hours which obviously never happens, all thanks to "Shama Chowdhary - Ebay Recovery Team". So this is my bit of the story, hope you can help me Paisa Pay ID: *********** Escalation Id: 065112