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ID: # IMC000000130

Defective split AC

Hello This is regarding my Electrolux AC purchased in the month of May 2015 from Ezone. From the month of June we started getting issues with the AC . Many Water drops coming out from AC front side instead coming out from drainage pipe. We called customer care and registered a complaint 3-4 times. Engineer comes and do his work but the result remains the same after running the AC for 2-3 hours. Also the remote display suddenly disappeared . Sometimes it comes automatically and sometimes it goes away for few days . We have also registered a complaint for defective remote also and the replacement will come after 15 days. Using Electrolux AC is such a harassment since we purchàsed . It seems we got a defective piece and looking for a replacement with refund of my money . This was a first time i bought split AC in my 36 years of life and was so happy about it but not thought of getting pain after purchasing such product. Sorry to say but I am totally unsatisfied and unhappy now that I wasted my hard earn money on this path