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ID: # IMC000000132

Claim rejected for 60k

My wife was undergone with minor surgery on Date of Admission : 22 May 2015 Date of Discharge : 23 May 2015 Received Date : 01 Jul 2015 diag treatment : Secondary infertility for Diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy with ovarian drilling. after the operating i submitted the billls from the date of consultation till the surgery complete amount is 60, 567Rs/-. now they rejected with a simple note saying this will not covered under the claim policy. before she is getting hospitalized i have informed them prior about the cause she is getting going for the surgery. Now i dont have hopes on these insurance companies when they say every thing will be covered all my 6years of exp not even once i claimed it today first time when i claim insurance it got rejected. at last am planning to go legal but i just got this some how booked here lets see if any one will look in to this matter seriously. am really in a worst situation used my CC and nothing left on me now.