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ID: # IMC000002291

replacement not done

i have purchased an infinix hot s3 phone @10999 on 8 june 2018. they delivered it at 16 june 2018. after delivery I started using it and the phone started heating up vigourously. i lodged a complaint in their helpdesk. as flipkart provides a 10 day replacement offer. I applied for it. they approved my request 3 times of my order but never sended any executive for.pick up even after that they now tell me that my policy has lapsed and they are unable to help. they are transferring my problem to the helpdesk department who me by 2nd of july 2018. but still they are not providing any assurance on the phone neither they are providing me with any grevieance number nor any kind of surety in replacement of my product. It is becoming hard for me to trust them and here my phone is getting heated up so much that it can be get blasted anytime at such heat. kindly help me out with my problem.


Flipkart has been notified about the posted complaint.?

Posted by: On June 29,2018 at 10:22:am