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ID: # IMC000001827


Dear Team Order id: OD*********** Mailing you for support on a case which i treat as cheating Flipkart. Made a purchase from Flipkart basis festive offers available with various e-retailers at that time. They committed to an order delivery in 10 days from purchase, cancelled it on last days which meant that i lost all potential offers and then refused to support me. Post various escalations, they state that product can be provided at its earlier price but that means i don't get any cashback offer (which as there with original order). Not only have they made me lose financially, we are also losing on business due to delay from their end as this product was required for my wife's new business that she plans to run from home. Their responses are in trail mail and they have responded only post numerous escalations, clearly indicating that they didn't have any intention to resolve it. They have also used my money for a good number of days and then cancelled order without any discussion / agreement with me. This way, i think a lot of money can be made by such e-retailers if this remains unchecked - they can simply block customers' money, earn interest on same and then cancel orders - this way they benefit and customers are left in lurch. Hope to hear from you and trust you will take up matter strongly with Flipkart. Regards Pankaj Arora +91 *********** / ***********