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ID: # IMC000005058

FLIPKART is not Returning the TV

I ordered an Iffalcon 43" TV from flipkart https://www.flipkart.com/iffalcon-tcl-ai-powered-k31-108cm-43-inch-ultra-hd-4k-led-smart-android-tv-hdr-10/p/itmfhmr3ramjbwpy?pid=TVSFHMR3GTHCNH3E&srno=s_1_2&otracker=AS_Query_OrganicAutoSuggest_2_8&otracker1=AS_Query_OrganicAutoSuggest_2_8&lid=LSTTVSFHMR3GTHCNH3EGKMHXW&fm=SEARCH&iid=0c1ae9ab-57c0-4a34-a96e-73c4f8f95050.TVSFHMR3GTHCNH3E.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=srnsjiedykkx9dz***********&qH=4166d5363b122e17, got the delivery of the tv on 11th August. When i received the TV i got to know that this TV has 2 HDMI and 1 USB port but when I ordered the TV it was clearly mentioned in the specifications section that this tv has 3 hdmi and 2 usb ports, which means FLIPKART provided wrong information on the website and I don’t want this TV hence i want to return this and want full amount back ASAP, it's already 8 days since the order received and my 26000+ amount is stuck due to FLIPKART’s fault and pathetic user experience.