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Refund not given for cancelled order

I ordered puma running shoes on 3rd June and cancelled on 4th June due to incorrect address now it's 23 June I still didn't get my refund I called. Multipe times customer care experience of Flipkart is annoying they everytime they tell me that I will get refund by 2 or 3 days but I never get any refund or update this is mental torcher as I have to call again and again for my money I am going to file a case in. Consumer court order number is OD***********


Still I didn't get refund of my money Flipkart guys keep extending the date please help????????????

Posted by: On July 05,2018 at 1:10:pm

Flipkart has been notified about the posted complaint.

Posted by: Iamcheated.com On June 23,2018 at 1:16:pm