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ID: # IMC000005232

Goibibo not provided refund even after expiry of nine months

I am a resident of Mumbai and I have booked for 2 Hotel room (Hotel Rajdoot Rajnandgaon Chhattisgarh) through Goibobo app for 13th December 2018 to 14th December 2018 by Goibobo booking id HTLPABPDXK and and paid whole amount of Rs.1402/-(Rs.1283 Out of my Goibibo cash) in advance. As I was a single female with two office colleagues I required to book in advance for security reasons. When I reached Hotel Rajdoot at scheduled time of 06:00 pm for checkin on 13th December 2018 at Rajnandgaon the receptionist of the hotel completely refused that there is no such booking online and evenif it will be there it will be with the owner. After requesting him continuously to contact the owner he made call to the owner (after 25 minutes) who told as the season is full he forgot to change online status and got confirmed your booking but already we have given your 2 booked rooms to another person. Hence we cannot allow you to checkin. Evenif we allow you checkin @ 06:00 pm you have to evacuate the room at 06:00 am in morning because it is already booked for another persons.Thereafter after struggling for continuous 50 minutes with them I called on their number 9313931393 at 06:50 pm where a female caller was there who instead of resolving the issue behaved very impolitely and in rude manner with me and she was forcing me to checkin at their scheduled time and evacuate the room as they are telling before 06:00 am or collect the cash from them of your already paid amount and settle the matter. The issue was if I am doing checkin at 06:00 pm in evening then how could I evacuate the room before 11:00 am of next day as I have already paid till 11:00 am of next day further taking cash will amount to unprofessionalism and some type of fraud hence I not accepted their suggestion and refused to checkin. This issue that I am not doing checkin in hotel due to misbehaviour by hotel staff and goibibo or oyo team I have informed by chat in app also. After which I was promised that I will get full reimbursement of my paid amount within 48 hours but till today even after period of 9 months I have not received my paid amount nor the status of app is showing that I have got reimbursement.Thereafter due to harrassment by your organisation and the hotel Rajdoot I needed to take two rooms in another hotel at same time for checkin as I was in need for stay urgently in Rajnandgaon. I needed to pay Rs. 3300/- for two rooms for one day stay (from 13th December, 2018 (07:30pm ) to 14th December 2018) proof of bills of two rooms payment is available .Proof of all issues ongoing were recorded in cctv cameras of both the hotels hotel Rajdoot and the hotel I have done actual checkin which is available. I have faced loss of almost Rs.1402+3300 = Rs.4702/- on that day due to false assurance and wrongful commitment to provide accommodation service by your organisation for booking in advance and advance payment. I was faced with mental and even physically harassment of discussing for my rights as consumer with your organisation in phone , the hotel owner and receptionist.,even your app chat whereby I was given assurance that my payment will be reimbursed to me which is never done till today and gone to severe ill health condition because of such facing issue after long travel from Mumbai to Rajnandgaon. This is the second time I was harassed by their organisation for booking in their app and not booking in any other app and trusting your app was my mistake for which I faced the above mentioned losses.