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ID: # IMC000000041

Abusive calls from the team

I have HDFC Credit card with me as I am having other banks credit cards as well and it is only 3 months I have HDFC credit card and one of my payment got miss so I got a call back from one of the agent asking me why the payment was late, I was in office so at my office phone is not allowed so when I picked the calls I told him that within 5 days i will make the payment and the reason is someone was hospitalised so I was out of town but the other guy started in hindi- JAB BAS KI NAHI HAI TO KARJA LETE KYU HO BANK SE, APKI SALARY K HISAB SE ITNA LIMIT KAISE DE DIYA BANK NE - it is not hard to understand that within 5 days you will get the payment and still you are calling my mother and saying we will collect it by sending agents forcefully- i think this is appaling services, i will be paying whole amount in one go as CITI and ICICI are very good in terms of service as I never miss payment but still, they are understanding, i want to raise this further and If I am not getting any reply we will be reaching banking ombudsman for resolution .