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unqualified leads

I have noticed my last two complains for Indianmoney.com was deleted without any response. Is the way this platform worked? Last complain screen shot is enclosed for easy reference....


This 2 weeks now since i have submitted my concern and i am been dragged till this situation by Indianmoney.com. Now from their side after Mr. Vinay Srivastava and Mohan kumar, Ms. Sumaia Banu taken the matter in hand past few weeks and all she is trying to repeat all the points to defend their company which not the case of my understanding to enrolled here. Its clear indication that they do not have any intention to REFUND our amount Rs 59000/- and just to drag the matter by having similar conversion un-till I get tired and give up the money. I have even given her chance to do the business provided she give us in writing the Roll & Responsibilities of both the side as agreed during my enrolment. Let me know if there is any justice for us or not

Posted by: On May 29,2019 at 4:13:pm

It's FOUR days now and still there is no sign of returning money, they are only trying to drag the matter by using same techniques. Its now clear that I AM BEEN CHEATED....

Posted by: On May 24,2019 at 10:21:pm