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ID: # IMC000001417

Unable to repair the handset.

I purchased Moto G2 on 2nd Jan 2015. On 10th of July I found that one of sim slot of the handset not working and other one can be adjusted. So I adjust with single SIM for 10 days then I decided to give it for repairing in service center on 21st July. Receptionist at the service center said that if it repaired then they will inform me after 2 days. After 2 days they told that it will take more 7 days to be repaired. I think that one week would be fine. After one week I didn't get any response from the service center. So I thought of calling Motorola Customer care about that. On calling customer they ask for require details to know the status of my handset and told me that board need to be replace so it will take total of 15 days from the date of submitting the handset in service center. So get relaxed finally after 5 more days I gonna get my phone. So directly headed to get my handset from service center but they told that it is still pending due no supply of spare sim slot. I got irritated after hearing this. I called customer care again then one representative told that he gonna send my request to senior to resolve it, within 24 to 48 hours they gonna call me on given number. then I said who going wait one more day for hearing with another representative. So I am lodging a complaint here