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Package not delivered, Company cancelled the order

I purchased a trolley suitcase from Myntra on 23rd June. The expected delivery date is 6th July. My order no. is 1081573-4816950-8999701 Product Name is Safari Unisex Blue Harbour Medium Trolley Suitcase From last 5 days, I am contacting customer care on daily basis to get my order shipped. Today I got one update that these Cheaters cancelled my order and they didn't even inform me once about they can't provide me with the product. On contacting again they told me product didn't qualify quality checkup and they only had 1 unit left for that product. In these 12 days, they could have done the quality check-up earlier and cancelled my product on day 1. But now they just initiated my refund and telling me they can't do anything regarding this order.