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ID: # IMC000001845

Defective product (order id: 152272892), poor service & rude behaviour

This is regarding the defective clarks shoes (size 7, clour brown, MRP Rs. 4999 with 50% discount, order id: 152272892) which I received from Myntra. The product did not appear to be defective, but when worn, air leakage is experienced while walking!!! I have requested 3 times to exchange the shoes with new ones. First time: shoes were refused to be exchanged in a very rude manner by the collection agent of myntra. Second time: I complained of the incident and requested for the exchange. Instead, the ticket was auto closed in 3 days and request was declined! Third time: Same as second time and the myntra representative adamant that the product cannot be defective!! really sad & astonishing!!! This is when: a) I am not asking refund of my amount but only exchange with a non-defective product. b) I am a loyal customer since last 3 years or more, with mutiple products bought from the site!! To Myntra: Understand my plight and get the product exchanged! Enough of harassment!


Still awaiting action/ atleast a reply on this please!!

Posted by: mukesh kumar gupta On November 30,2016 at 11:23:pm