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ID: # IMC000001465

Worst Customer Service and Refund Issue

I was enjoying nd luving shopping with Myntra for the past few months.I purchased nearly worth Rs.10000 from Myntra IN THE RECENT PAST. But all the nightmare started previous month. I returned one product and after few days Myntra customercare rep phoned me and informed dat dey received a wrong product .How can a product sent by me personally change into a different product . I informed the rep to cross verify with the Return ID which i enclosed in the parcel and they informed that they did the same. I told tO return the product along with the return ID slip to take up the matter with courier agency.After few days i received the product without my return ID slip. I phoned and asked customer rep to provide or atleast show the scanned image of my return ID slip to convince myself that all due diligence has been done by myntra. But to my dismay these people says that they cannot provide return id slip due to operational issues. Absolute Nonsense ....illogical and worst handling of an issue. I spoke with their so called manager and she is adamant to the fact that ....this is what we exchange....good bye....if client ask you the reason...they use full of technical jargons which they itself donot know the meaning. WORST CUSTOMERCARE SERVICE.......... return ID :6479267 Order ID :91412980 Kindly help..