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ID: # IMC000000039

NR-295 Refrigerator Panasonic

I purchased a refrigerator NR-295 from Choudhury Electronics Burla on 2/01/2015. It is in the Warranty period. Now I find that the door of the Refrigerator is not closing properly. For this water is flowing continuously from it and through out the house. Accordingly I booked online complain first on 23/05/2015 with request number R230515157467 and next on 14/07/2015 with a request number R140715057746. Each time the service man is coming but the problem is not solved. Interestingly the objective of the service person is to tear service coupon from the warranty booklet. What I intend to tell is that the door of it is not closing properly & the problem is not solved. Therefore necessary steps may be taken to either solve the problem or replace the refrigerator.