ID: # IMC000001673

wallet deposit

This is in regards to my query against the Order ID 1724536670 and query ref no. 02106139, I give my answer pointwise..... Point No. 1 : I am shocked like hitting my head into the wall that after seeing pure white lie of paytm team that I exceeded limit of Rs 10000.00 I challenge you to show my transactions exceeding limit of 10000 in the month of May 2016 in returning mail in pdf format. Point No. 2 : If my money got debited from my account and your system showed failed status at the time of placing the order, who is responsible for this fault.......? obviously worst e-commerce portal paytm....... and i am struggling to get back my amount and compel to show my bank statement against the guidelines of RBI and my privacy Point No. 3 : You answered "we initiated a refund for the payment to your bank account"..... but is unclear when you initiated a refund for the payment to my bank account, you did not mentioned date and time.......