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ID: # IMC000001077

Wireless Internet connection problem

I have Reliance WiPod CDMA Wireless router(Dongle). It is a postpaid connection. I have been having trouble connecting to internet for 25 days. It connects sometimes but it is really slow. This problem is new because I have been using this for last 2 months and there was no problem before(Previous month). It is not related to the location because I was using it in the same location. I have called their customer support many times, they always ask me to follow some steps, register a complaint and do nothing about it. Some of the representatives mentioned that the problem is being faced by many consumers in this area because they are doing some technical changes. My problem is I don't pay money for unreliability. My business depends on it and because of this I have to use other Internet options(3G) which is really expensive. I don't have any problem if they warn me in advanced. I would like them to compensate me for the expense that I incurred by using a different internet in terms of money or free data. Also future guaranty of not happening this again without any prior notice, or they can give me my money back for the dongle I am happy to return it.