ID: # IMC000002320

is not refunding the amount i paid and is not delivering my product

I purchased a Surya Teja HMT 25kgs rice bag from this website. I paid via netbanking an amount of Rs.1250/- (order no. 398833) and they confirmed the order after i called them the same day i placed the order. I was informed that i would receive the product the next day. I waited for a couple of days and called, ever since then they have been evasive over phone calls, talk rudely, shouted and several days later told me to cancel my order for which there is no provision on their website. Since then, they do not pick up my calls, and one day he asked me for my bank account details to send the money. I refused to share my account details, and said he could send the refund amount thru paytm. Again has been evasive and does not answer calls.


Ricewala has been notified about the posted complaint. 

Posted by: Iamcheated.com On July 09,2018 at 9:46:am