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ID: # IMC000004512

Cheated by Shriram transport finance company

Dear sir or mam my name is Kavitha.Sarangapani ...my father bought a truck(lorry) under Shriram Transport finace company in 2010. Finance taken under my name. He repaid all EMI without pending. Financed for 3 years ..2 years he paid successfully. But he got heart attack so doctor suggested him not to drive. Due to health issue vehicle was not running so 4 emi was pending .we meet manager of the company and explained all . We hand over the vehicle to them . They said vehicle will be resealed and settled your finance . We thought every thing irs fine . Now in 2019 the company putted in cibil stating 2 loans uptown 1 for 8lakh and another for 6 lakh actually bough only 1 that is for 6lakh repaid 2years emi ..they taken vehicle and asking to pay 14 lakh after 6 to 7 years .kindly help me