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ID: # IMC000000748

No Signal in Tata Sky DTH Set Top Box

Since last 5 days there is no signal in all my 3 Set Top Boxes which are under ID No. *********** inspite of the fact that the weather conditions are perfectly allright. I have called up the Tata Sky helpline more than 50 times in the last 5 days, but no technician from their end has neither called up nor has come to my house to address the issue. Whenever i call the helpline number, all that the representatives say is that your complaint is already registered with us and that we are looking into the same and someone will attend shortly but despite all these assurances there is no response from their end. I have never witnessed such poor response ever before and fail to understand why this is happening. I would request some senior person in the hierachy to please look into my problem on a priority basis and get the issue sorted out at the ealiest. Thanks & Best Regards, Tejinder Singh Khurana ID No. *********** Mobile No. ***********