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ID: # IMC000000568

Unavailability of services despite payment

I had opted for tata sky dhamal pack on 24.07.2015. I was promised two free regional packs with the basic pack. I had specified the same to customer care personnel on the very day. But despite payment and clear instructions, tata sky hasn't yet provided the regional bangla pack for which I had opted. I have been trying to contact their customer care nos but am being made fool of since i am made to wait each time with the answering machine constantly repeating the wait period as 4 minutes although i am actually kept waiting for 10 to 15 minutes. Also, when I tried registering with the subscriber Id provided to me/ my registered phone number on the tara sky website in order to contact them regarding my problem, it registers my account but I am unable to login as the same subscriber Id or registered phone number are shown as invalid by tatasky website. I am facing lot of harassment from tata sky people. This is my first experience as a subscriber of tata sky and must say I am eager to get their service discontinued in next few hours.but they must pay for this