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Items not delivered

Recently I came across an Instagram store which looked pretty clickbait-y. I thought I should probably not shop from them but I did because I really liked their stuff. They asked for the entire amount and I paid them via Paytm wallet. At first she didn't send me my stuff. Later I complained and fought a lot for it after which she did send it to me. But everything was wrong, half of the things didn't even get sent and the stuff I got were really terrible. The name of the store is "The Sassy Store- Nidhi" and the username- the_sassy_store . They are cheating everyone for money and playing with our trust. I really think this thing needs to be looked after by Instagram. I really think the store should be immediately shut down. Yours faithfully, Anusha Bhattacharya


The Sassy Store has been notified about the posted complaint.

Posted by: Iamcheated.com On June 28,2018 at 5:34:am